War Reign is a nicely done Boom Beach-style clash-like. Besides some new ideas, it has 3 fully different races; elves, humans, and undead; completely different buildings, troops, spells and leaders. No one does that. The StarWars clash-like has 2 sides, but it pretty much had to. But 3?

Each race gets one passive defensive building. For undead it’s a pustule that explodes when destroyed. The humans’ is simply very, very tough. The elves’ heals other buildings. For traps, humans do damage, undeads do a percentage of the defender’s health, and elves also slow you (I think). The undead mortar does less damage but creates nasty grubs that love to chew on tough guys. Humans get a slow, hard-hitting cannon; the elves version is machinegun-like thorns; undead instead have an “Eye of Mordor” which slowly ramps up damage on 1 target until it dies.

Undead troops include cheap skeletons and wraiths that gain power as skeletons die. The first offensive undead spell summons more skeletons, while the second allows troops to heal by doing damage. If you want a healer unit or a blast spell, play humans or elves. Elves have the game’s only haste spell. Likewise the undead leaders can summon skeletons and heal through damage. Human leaders aren’t so odd, but have the only area-of-effect attack.

A problem with all this racial variety is the small troop selection for each. I have just 4 troops types unlocked and only use 2. It appears you can separately play as each race, but that seems like a lot of work.

A really clever feature is defensive spells for the now common “defend” mode. Undead have one to weaken attackers, toughen buildings, summon skeletons, and lure nearby invaders to one building. It works great, they recharge as invaders die, turning defending into a much more active game.

You win by killing the HQ – every other building instantly explodes. Attacks come from one side, so the HQ is usually at the rear. At first you can use the Beacon spell to run around for an easy win. But once everyone knows what they’re doing, defenses are extremely tough. And you can’t find easier people to fight — the game presents 5 players a day, at about your level. There’s a prize for 5 wins. That takes me about a week. Mitigating the impossibility of winning is that losers get to keep anything they steal. There’s a special item you only get from attacking other players, which is the main reason to beat your head against that wall (metaphorically – the game has no wall defenses).

The area with computer bases has the same difficulty problem. Boom Beach style, they become more and more difficult. Fine at first, but ramps up fast. Some of them look like misprints — huge interlocking fields of guns larger than you’ve ever seen. If you somehow power through, you need to beat stages 2 and 3 without replacing any of your losses.

Most of that isn’t necessarily bad. It’s a tough game, and there are plenty of attack plans and fast thinking spell use that might beat an impossible opponent.

Lastly, this game is from “SmileGate Megaport”. That doesn’t sound right, but it’s a South Korean computer game company and that’s their real name.

[Game]Clash of Mech

Clash of Glory: Mech War isn’t a great game. You know that from the name. But it’s strange enough to be interesting.

There are no troops. All you have a small preset group of mechs, unlocking another every level or two. Attacks use this same 3 or 4, every time. The first is the only hand-to-hand one. But it’s not especially tough and dies quickly. A usual, the main danger is the enemy’s defending mechs (which are the same as yours).

Damage to your robots sticks around after each battle. They heal 1-at-a-time in their building. There isn’t even a queue — you need to come back an hour later and manually begin repairs on the next. But it’s not that bad since being injured doesn’t stop them from attacking again.

The hand-to-hand mech is your “leader”. I think you’re suppose to spend forever upgrading its levels before doing anything else. Maybe that makes it tough enough. It has 2 weak spells — a brief 10% buff to attack. Yay! There are 10 more but they need gems to unlock. I think you can make your original spells useful by using more gems. A weird rule is the leader can’t attack when it’s injured. But it gets to heal in it’s personal hero-house.

You normal mechs don’t have as much room to upgrade, but they can get 3 pieces of equipment in a funny tournament. A new map with 2 special bases pops up for a single day. You and other players are supposed to fight back-and-forth over them. At the end you get equipment based on how long they were occupied and how many times they were retaken. I had trouble beating it the first time. Luckily, I never met anyone else there.

Then there’s other little bits of weirdness. You get a list of attackable people, which doesn’t seem to change on its own. I attacked one guy several times a day. To build a Clan Castle to join a clan, you need “book pages”. I couldn’t even find out how to get those things.