[Game]Dawn of Gods

This game looks as if it were made by a committee. It has so much stuff slathered on, and doesn’t seem to understand how a clash-like works.

Deep down, it’s a collectable hero game. You quickly get to use 4 heroes at once, which is a lot. You’ll upgrade and level and merge the heck out of them, which will take months or years unless you spend. They also defend your base, so now you’re invincible. The $5 starting buy sets the tone — it includes an “epic” hero which can carry you for several levels. The theme is mythic gods — heroes come in Greek, Egyptian, Norse, and Misc (things such as the Archangel Micheal). There are a lot, nicely drawn, with abilities that sort of make sense. But only the best heroes matter.

The troops are broken, in that they’re boring. The giants are fast and do decent damage. As soon as you get them, use an all-giant army (as back-up for your heroes). The next giant-like troop is better in every way – replace your giants with it. Same for the next. Making an army is boring, and so is attacking. It’s actually worse. You keep troops unless they die, and you don’t need to win to keep the gold you loot. Combined, you attack with your entire army on a weak side, then hit Retreat when it gets tough.

They started to do a very clever thing. Instead of Flying they have Stealth. Wraiths have Stealth, can go through walls (instead of over — cute, right?) and the elves in archer towers have the keen eyes to see them. Seems cool, except Wraiths are very weak, there are no more stealth troops, and they add flying troops later anyway without telling you who flies or who can shoot them.

Then they adopt the generic game thing where you give piles of meaningless daily activities, with lots of currencies to play with (I counted 6, not including gold and elixir). There are daily Quests, daily “events”, a daily login reward, 3 daily chests on a timer, the standard daily random hero chests, and more you need to see to believe. There’s another quest system where you send your heroes on mission. Whew.

It may have started as a decent game. It’s somewhat playable now. They clearly put lots of work into the troops, buildings and such. But then they put more work into the stuff that ruins it.