Intro to Computer Programming

Using C# and the Unity3D game engine, but not about them


Part I as a PDF. The whole thing as a giant PDF. About 1 Meg. You should be able to right-click to download. It has a Clickable table of Contents.

Part II as one big PDF. Recursion, Inheritance ... .


Part I & II as HTML. The same thing, but as regular html web-pages. Table of contents, with each chapter as one web-page.


The same thing again as individual pdf's for each chapter:

  1. About pdf
  2. Printing pdf
  3. Variables and Assignment pdf
  4. I/O and testing pdf
  5. 3D environment pdf

  6. Ifs pdf
  7. If exs pdf
  8. If Unity exs pdf

  9. Scope and Namespace pdf
  10. Ifs with Random pdf

  11. Functions pdf
  12. Function parameters pdf
  13. Casting pdf
  14. Functions with return pdf

  15. Constants and Enum pdf
  16. Function overloads pdf
  17. bool type pdf
  18. Function examples pdf

  19. Structs pdf
  20. Struct exs pdf
  21. Float rounding pdf

  22. Loops pdf
  23. Index loops pdf

  24. Pointers pdf
  25. Unity pointers pdf
  26. Pointer exs pdf

  27. Lists pdf
  28. Nested loops pdf
  29. Struct in struct pdf

  30. Member functions pdf
  31. Class as object pdf
  32. Class exs pdf
  33. Static, more private pdf

  34. ref parms pdf
  35. Arrays pdf
  36. Efficiency pdf
  37. Debugging pdf
These next topics are a little more advanced,. They still have some uses/examples in Unity3D, but mostly general-purpose examples:
  1. Recursion pdf
  2. Function Pointers pdf
  3. Inheritance pdf
  4. Inheritance examples pdf
  5. Templates pdf
  6. Linked Lists pdf
  7. Big-O notation pdf


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Revision History

Oct '16: added Recursion and the obligatory Pedagogy section to ch0.
Nov '16: added to Struct In Struct: new sections 7 and 8.
Feb '17: minor bug-fix + tweaks mixed-types part of ch2
April '17: rewrite back part of ch4/ifs. Added chapters: function pointers, inherit1, inherit2
June '17: Added linked lists, big-O chapters
Late Oct '17: figured out how to make table of contents: in one giant pdf, or html with real contents page. Added chapter headings to single-chapter pdfs.
May '18: Changed first array chapter to Lists, moved arrays back. Revisions/rewrites to everything
June '18: Rewrites to all of part 2, added Template functions/classes chapter